Orders and Pricing

Order process:

  1. You should try our demo version first. If you need assistance with installing or first use, we can provide additional services.
  2. Use the demo version to generate the specific activation file on the PC you intend to work with (Help menu – Get full version). The activation file should be sent to us via an email to m3_support@comserv.at. Be sure to generate this file on the target PC where the software is intended to be used. M3 won’t run at any other PC (single PC licence). If the target PC is not connected to the Internet, you can save the activation file to a disk within M3 and then send to it from another PC.
  3. Once we received the email, we will send you a email including an order confirmation and payment instructions.
  4. Once we received the payment, the full version of the M3 software will be shipped on an USB stick together with data templates and sample images. We can also provide online access to the full version if required.
  5. You can then install the full version, the demo version will automatically be overwritten.

Price: € 6.000,- incl. VAT (University discount of 20% can be granted)


A getting started guide as well as the software manual will be provided as pfd-files (see also our download section). We also include two pairs of anaglyph 3D glasses.

Contact us for more information about the program features, or to directly place orders or upgrade your demo-version to a full version with an activation codes: m3_support@comserv.at