Image manipulation:

Some image manipulations such as brightness enhancement, sharpening (3×3 kernel filter) as well as image rotation and adjustment of the zoom factor can be applied to the steropairs.




3D image generation:

Anaglyphic 3D images can be comfortably generated whereby the false coloured stereopairs might be exactly adopted to the red/green or red/blue filter glasses used (illumination, blue correction). The program also allows to swap the images in case of previous incorrect file storage.



Anaglyphic 3D image:

3D images are intended to provide spatial orientation for the later point setting at the measurements (morphometry). They can be separately zoomed, printed and saved for external use.




3D morphometry & data export:

3D morphometric measurements on the stereopairs can be performed to examine distances, space angles and volumes calculating the parallax. Every measure can be labeled and indexed, moved and deleted if necessary. Data will be exported into an open office template and frequency distributions are displayed. If configuration settings are changed later, all measurements will automatically be recalculated.

Count, Measure and Analyze your digital 3-D Images quickly and easily:

  • Compute 3D space co-ordinates
  • Measure distances within 3D space
  • Determine volumes of 3D specimen
  • Measure angles within 3D space
  • Use data exchange into OpenOffice spreadsheets