3D Software for Scanning Electron Microscopy


Image and project management
Image processing
Anaglyphic 3D image generation
3D Morphometry
Vessel optimality calculation
Archiving function
Data Exchange and Presentation (Open Office)

What is M3?

M3 is a powerful software tool designed to easily handle 3D morphometry and geometric quantification of biological structures (e.g. vascular corrosion casts of blood vessels) taken by scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

On what systems does M3 run?

M3 in its current version is now available as state-of-the-art Java based software solution designed for Microsoft Windows. The program easily integrates with a freely available Open Office environment to exchange data and enable efficient analysis and reporting. The software can be used either on single monitor or dual monitor systems (analogue or digital DVI) or notebooks with no specific hardware requirements.

How does M3 enhance SEM?

Scanning electron microscopes (SEMs) are potential tools for morphological research. They have a great resolution and a high depth of focus, which gives SEM micrographs pseudo three-dimensionality. Adversely, the high depth of focus prevents accurate dimensional or spatial measurements of imaged microstructures from either the SEM video-display, printed micrographs or from photo-negatives. Macroscopic objects are viewed close up using binocular vision. Binocular vision is also used in microscopy where stereophotogrammetry and related techniques applying stereopaired images, and a variety of hardware tools calculate the third dimension (z-coordinate) using the parallax. M3 is also capable to modify, process and measure images and to create anaglyphic 3D images. Furthermore, the optimality of the angioarchitecture of a vascular network can be explored.